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A roofing contractor is one who deals with construction of a roof. The role of roofing contractor aside from construction include; repair, replace and installation of roofs for buildings which involves a variety of materials. The variety of materials used include bitumen, shingles and metals. Hands on learning, classwork and a three year apprenticeship is what is required by a roofing contractor.

There are different types of roofing services which include the gutter, sewer and the roof itself. When there is no other option then sewer replacement is considered and it’s a type of roofing service. Sewer replacement usually requires replacing after twenty to forty years of service.

Gutter repair is the other type of roofing service and the use of a gutter is to prevent damage of the roof and keeps the system organized and efficient ensuring good flow of water out of the house. Cleaning and repairing of the gutter is done by roofing contractors. Roof inspection is also a roofing service which should be done once or twice a year. If after inspection a leak is found then they should be repaired as they are a sign of damaged gutter. Repairing of the roof is determined by roof inspection. Roof replacement is way of roof repairing. The structure of a roof are very dependent on the building covered which is basically the design.

The roofing characteristic of a building will vary which will involve several factors. Depending on the structural design of a building then installation of the roof is influenced. Thus having a good architectural design is important when planning to build a house. Asphalt shingles, concrete tiles and flat roofs are popular roofing materials that are considered. A good option in roofing materials is concrete tiles as they maintain a good appearance and have a long shelf life. The cost of concrete tiles makes them more desirable to buyers. Concrete tiles also help in cooling off homes during hot seasons and storing warmth in cold seasons.

Roof types that are flat are roofing materials that have a slight slope and cause problems in drainage. The need to have drainage holes to stop water from pooling and seeping through the porous roofing material is required of flat roofs. On top of that flat roofs are a challenge that builders face of modern commercial properties.

The review by clients determines on what type of roof best suits you. Depending on how high the building is the roof should also measure up to standard. There are of different types of materials ranging from banana leaves to sea grass to copper to laminated glass.

The functions of a roof include protection and. The role of drainage is when the wide area of a roof repels out most water. Gutters are used to channel water to tanks or drain properly.

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