How to Choose the Best Whitewater Rafting Company

Choosing a whitewater rafting company can be the deciding factor when it comes to having a remarkable, unforgettable memory or experiencing a devastating nightmare. There are many factors one should consider when making the decision as to who they should place their trust in, in terms of a potentially dangerous activity, like that of rafting. There is an array of whitewater rafting companies available. Before you make your decision, consider these tips to guide you toward the right company.


According to ThoughtCo, between 2007 and 2016 there were 530 deaths attributed to whitewater rafting. However, most of these deaths were a result of those rafting without an experienced guide or company. When paired with a rafting company this statistic is significantly reduced, resulting in only six to ten deaths per every 2.5 million rafting days.

By hiring a rafting company that is competent, and one that is aware of the proper safety equipment that each rider requires, you secure the safest rafting trip possible. A rafting company should provide proper helmets and lifejackets and should go over safety techniques in the case of an unforeseeable accident. Safety is your number one priority.

Understanding Which Class You Should Engage in

There is a unique grading system in terms of whitewater rafting. It is important that you as a rafter, understand this system. A good whitewater rafting company can and will explain this system to you. Once explained, it will help you decide which class you should partake in. You can find additional information on the classes of whitewater rafting by following this link.

Does the Rafting Company Pick the River?

The rafting company should pick the right river or waterway for you to participate in. This is a delicate decision, and many times, those who choose their own path, get lost, tip their raft, or get overwhelmed by lack of knowledge of the chosen water pathway. Always be sure to discuss which route you will travel and be sure to ask those who are your guides, how experienced they are with the chosen route. You can obtain information about any rafting company in your area, and also about the experience of the guides, by simply looking at each company’s website. Websites such as can provide information for those who wish to learn more.

Customer Recommendations, Reviews and Testimonials

Always be sure to read reviews and testimonials from those who have previously used a rafting company. You can find people of all levels, who will either recommend the company or place a review contesting it. Many people who are new at rafting place high standards on their safety. If they did not feel safe during their first rafting trip, this may be a red flag in planning your own whitewater rafting trip.

You can typically find a family member, friend or coworker, who has participated in the activity of whitewater rafting. Always be sure to ask those you personally know and trust, how they feel about a certain whitewater rafting company. By utilizing the opinions of those you trust, you can feel secure in your decision.

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