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The Entrepreneurship Path and the Power of Positivity

Recently, Joe Rogan hosted Diamond Dallas Page on his podcast.He made it clear during the podcast that he had never experienced a bad day in his life.Even before his Yoga fitness business became successful, Page has always been known for his optimism.Something else to note about his optimism is how he was a motivational speaker even before his retirement.

Because of the enormous growth of his business, he is currently generating lots of revenues.It can be said that the power of positivism has made him to generate all this revenue.Page even remarked that the mentorship, guidance, and teaching of Jake “The Snake” programs are the origins of the Yoga fitness business.When he was in his thirties, Page started to train as a wrestler after quitting being a manager. The only person who took him seriously and even taught him everything about the rings was Jake Roberts.It is only because of his charisma, psychology, and nuance did he become a champion and bonafide eventer.

Years later, Roberts suffered from drug addiction and alcohol abuse and reached out to Page for help.Page answered the call and did more than just helping Roberts get out of his troubles.Roberts became clean and found a new shelter in Georgia through the help of Page.According to Page, this gesture towards Roberts was known as accountability crib.Furthermore, Page taught Roberts how to conduct the Yoga fitness business.
It is surprising how after this arrangement the Yoga brand became even bigger.To many people, Roberts was still a failure who would yet submerge into drug addiction.A video that went viral of Roberts and Page proved otherwise.

A documentary titled “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake”, which talked about the recovery of Roberts was produced by the production company of Page.In as much as no wrestler has ever shied away from suggesting that they built a brand out of making bucks, the success of Page is built of giving the less fortunate.In his book, Gary Vaynerchuk described this philosophy as brands giving out first expecting to make a sale once a rapport has been established.

Worth noting is that the success of DPP Yoga Fitness is not without the positivity of Page.Page can be described as being electric and energetic, virtues which have pushed him to have customers signing up for the monthly and yearly Yoga package subscriptions.This explains how people usually take part in the Yoga fitness program on a regular basis.Because of his positivism, Page is earning dividends in each financial period.Therefore, the entrepreneurship path adopted by Page truly exemplifies his positive attitude.