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Types of Listed Demons

The list comprising of demonic names and types is long as there are many demons in existence. They have different characteristics which describe their power and abilities with some being very deadly when crossed or angered. When going for spiritual help in removing or getting rid of demons it is highly advisable that one knows which type of demon they have before starting the exorcism process. Their strengths and abilities is what is used to classify them in a possible hierarchy. Many people have taken this into research and are investigating presence of demons in certain areas with energy levels conducive for demon habitation. Read ahead to get some types of demons.

The first type of demon is the imp. Imps are relatively smaller compared to other types of demons. Imps are mostly taken by mightier demons to be their servants and controlled by these greater demons. Most of their schemes are petty and small unlike other demons. Given that human beings react to unexplained circumstances these creatures will feed off the fear and make you their host which slowly they are will cause more devastating events. Hence with imps they are not as mighty as their lords and have minimal effects to humans as compared to the greater demons. When your mind convinces you of these events the imp is now able to take you as a host.

The imps demons are then followed the full demons which are mightier than imps in terms of abilities and strengths. These types of demons are responsible for handling imp hordes and ensure that they do not fall into chaos hence maintain cover. Full demons include but not limited to the mung demons who are well known for their mystical nature. They are known to emit anti magic properties which make them immune from these energies. They usually have a coating of slimy mung which is quite protective and kills anyone attacking them. It art of their defence mechanism.

Moving on to another type of demon is the haakai demon. These demons are notably the most powerful demons. Haakai demons are very fierce as compared to the smaller demons and have uncontrollable abilities when they are angered hence can cause a line of difficult problems. They do employ smaller demons like the imps to run errands and posses human being and torment them in which case if the smaller demon is defeated the bigger demon will go and handle it by themselves. There are leaders in the haakai demonic realm and they are known as haakai lords who control or govern other demons as they please. They are very powerful and can handle any form of magical strength since they are more powerful than any human magical power used against them. Thereby one should avoid fighting off haakai demons as they are not easily swayed by human magic or spiritual intervention.

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