The 4 Cheapest Beach Vacations for Budget Travelers

Many people like to go on cheap beach vacations as they don’t want to have any financial problem after the trip. Cheap beaches can also have a lot of fun activities and give you  excellent experience that makes you want to come back in the near future. The following are the world’s best 4 cheap vacation spots.

  1. Palaiokastritsa Beach

Palaiokastritsa beach is believed to be the place where Odysseus first met Nausicaa. Here, you can find an ancient monastery that was built in 1225. The beach is made up of pebble and sand. The water temperature of Palaiokastritsa beach is cool and refreshing. There are several small bays to visit. You should wear water shoes if you want to play in the shallow water as there are rocks underneath. The beach can get crowded in August. You can see the water is teeming with a variety of fishes if you go snorkeling. There are supermarkets where you can buy your daily necessities conveniently. There are also mini boats where you can get onboard to visit nearby places.

  1. Ambergis Caye Beach

Ambergis Caye beach is famous for the Belize Barrier Reef System. Belize Barrier Reef System is a reef system with a diameter of 191 miles. The barrier reef grows near to the shoreline so it is able to protect it from the large waves. This results in a calm and shallow water at the Ambergia Caye beach. When snorkeling, you can see a lot of flat grass which attract sea animals like sea turtles, lobsters and manatees.  You will also be able to observe various fish species making their homes in the grass beds. From the resort, you can descend into the sea water through the dock.

  1. Playa Miramar

Playa Miramar is a wide sandy beach covered with sea shells in Ciudad Madero, in Mexico. At Miramar beach, the weather is usually hot throughout the days so you should bring along a cooler with some cold beverage to cool down yourself. The warm temperature means the water is suitable for swimming. There are a few seating areas with shades that you can rent. You will encounter vendors selling food, drinks and other stuff like hats made of palm tree leaves along the beach. Paid public restrooms are available. It is convenient to buy things at Playa Miramar beach as there are tons of shops and restaurants nearby.

  1. Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach is a sugar white sandy beach with turquoise blue water on Santa Rosa Island, Florida. The beach is one of the longest barrier island stretching a few miles along the Gulf of Mexico. Pensacola Beach is suitable for young families as the waves are not strong and manageable by small children. If you are in shopping mood, you can visit the shops along the boardwalk. Snorkeling and kayaking are suitable recreational activities that you can do at Pensacola Beach. You can come here at any time of the year to enjoy the sunny shore.

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