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Different Kinds of Common Bugs

The best conditions around the year like the sun and moist air often bring a lot of people to those best areas for fun. Warmth and moist air beside attracting people, also attracts a lot of insects. These bugs do not bring any comfort as some can even cause a lot of harm and damage to you. If you have info about how signs manifest after a bite by these insects, you will be able to find early solutions.

In our homes, we put enough mechanisms to protect us from any sort of insect. On average, about 100 kinds of insects visit us every time. We often feel very safe at our homes but in warm and moist areas, people really know how these insects are very notorious. Here are some few types of these insects.

Palmetto bug cockroach that grows exceedingly large, to about 1.6 inches and has wings hence it can fly. If you scare this insect or irritate it, it will leave behind a bad smelling liquid. And thus the nickname skunk roach was given to it. These bugs majorly prefer areas with damp and moisture and hence invade bathrooms, sinks, and even garages. Learn more about the bugs and prevent damages.

Common also is a the two-striped walking stick bugs. These insects are spotted around trees, vegetation and leaves during autumn months and they grow up to 2.5 inches or more. Should you threaten them, they will also attack you with a foul-smelling liquid. These bugs aren’t inherently harmful but their sprays on areas like the eyes can be damaging.

An invasive species of termites, Formosan termites, from Asian countries is very common in various places. They are dangerous to anything made of wood especially as they reproduce and hence not good at homes. You will know that there are these termites in the area if you find such things as dead bugs, fallen wings, and other signs. If you have termites in your home, you should seek the help of expert pest control to prevent permanent damage to your home structures. Find more info on different websites on pests.

Black with moth bugs are huge ones that many people often mistake them for bats and small birds. You can find these bugs all months in ideal weather seasons. They often are out in the night but you will find them severally in the shades of cars and underneath tunnels/ boardwalks. There are a lot of myths surrounding these bugs but they are harmless.

polydamas swallowtail butterfly is very common in various places around the globe. These butterflies can grow anywhere between 3.6 and 4.6 inches. They have cute wings and they aren’t dangerous to humans.